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A transformational journey. LifeWorks becomes TELUS Health. Visit our About Us page to learn more.

Accessible, mobile, global EFAP provider that’s there when people need it, which means the benefit is used more often and employees are supported to make meaningful changes to improve their lives and work

Putting mental wellbeing first with an employee & family assistance program that is modern and proactive

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You can keep the wellbeing, health and, therefore, job performance of your people on track when you implement the employee & family assistance program (EFAP) from TELUS Health (formerly LifeWorks). Our EFAP has been built from the ground up to proactively engage 100% of your employees. 

It has never been more critical to provide employee mental health support 

What is an Employee & Family Assistance Program? 

As an employer, you can never be entirely certain which personal issues your staff are facing at any given time. They might not be forthcoming about such issues – but, fortunately, when they have ready access to an employee & family assistance program (EFAP), they don’t need to be. 

In the workplace, an EFAP is put in place by the employer, allowing their staff to utilize it for various personal problems originating from the workplace itself or elsewhere. Through the EFAP, your staff can access free assessments and counselling from master's level professionals. 

Whether the employee is receiving guidance on relationships, finance, retirement or any other subject covered through the EFAP, there’s no need for them to notify you. This confidentiality can put them at ease, instilling them with the confidence to seek the help they need, when they need it. 

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Around-the-clock access to best-in-class, specialist counselling 

Whenever a member of your workforce needs advice from a professional whose area of expertise is human services, social work, psychology or counselling, that advice can be close at hand. We’ve also built up an extensive network of counsellors and affiliates all trained to master’s standards. 

Every employee on your payroll goes on their own journey, from education and training right through to career success and retirement. Our network includes professionals who can help with all of those stages. This benefit hints at the inherent flexibility of a TELUS Health (formerly LifeWorks)-offered EFAP.

Multiple counselling modalities

Did you know that, according to our research, 63% of people who were new to the EFAP 24/7 care access centre, and used it to set up an appointment with a specialized professional, would not have engaged with such a professional through other, more traditional measures? 

Your staff, too, can instantly access the right counsellors by using a TELUS Health-provided employee & family assistance program. Through this EFAP, the counsellors in our network offer confidential and secure virtual counselling sessions by video, chat, group and telephonic means. 

If required, your employees can also receive face-to-face, in-person counselling from TELUS Health-affiliated professionals. By calling our 24/7 care access centre, a specialized professional will assess their individual needs carefully. If they cannot provide the right level of support there and then, the employee will be referred to one of the TELUS Health network of master's level clinical counsellors and affiliates. 

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Support staff in both life and work

Your employees have many different responsibilities to contend with before they even set foot in the office for the day. Your people have bills to pay, young and elderly relatives to look after, debt to manage and a future, perhaps including retirement, to plan for. 

However, that doesn’t mean that you won’t have to deal with all of the above as well. Subsequently, we don’t just support employees with everyday emotional and practical issues – we help managers in exactly the same way.

Drive engagement with digital wellbeing content 

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Whatever your staff’s requirements, wellbeing content on offer through the EFAP can be personalized to meet them. This content ranges from easily digestible videos and articles right through to podcasts, online toolkits and infographics. 


  • Recommendations of how to tackle specific health risks 

  • A complete range of search capabilities 

Receive prompt assistance with critical incidents

When a traumatic, violent or otherwise critical incident occurs, professionals from our network can be onsite quickly with the right support. For firms, we offer critical incident support on a 24/7 basis. 

The approach we take to a critical incident is always well-informed from a clinical view, enabling us to handle a wide range of such incidents. These include workplace violence and accidents, natural or terrorist disasters and more. 

Results of engaging with our EFAP

  • 5 business days from initial contact to an appointment being set up 

  • 47% reduction in absenteeism after counselling 

  • 24 hr wait for appointments in urgent cases 

  • 90% of healthcare prevention calls are not referred to medical insurance 

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Frequently asked questions about our EFAP
1. Is the EFAP confidential? 

EFAP services are confidential. The EFAP doesn’t let an employer or anyone else know that anybody has called unless consent and written permission have been given. No manager, supervisor, not even a partner or spouse is notified. The only exception to this rule of confidentiality is if the EFAP consultant learns that someone is at risk of self-harm or of harming others. In this case, the consultant may be required to report the situation to the appropriate authorities. 

2. Is the EFAP easy to use? 

Contacting the EFAP is easy: 

Simply call the toll-free telephone number. If you do not have the telephone number, ask your human resources (HR) representative for it. 

When you call the EFAP, be prepared to give your name, address, and the name of your organization. Your name and any other identifying information will be kept confidential. Your employer’s name is important because it allows the EFAP consultant to identify the specific type of service your employer is providing along with other important benefit-related information. Return calls can be arranged at your discretion. 

The EFAP consultant will discuss your needs and concerns with you, listen, and assess the situation. Depending on your situation, the EFAP consultant may: 

  • Work with you and help you make a plan to resolve your issues or concerns 

  • Refer you to a support group 

  • Guide you to helpful resources in your community 

  • Refer you to a specialist or local counsellor for ongoing counselling 

  • Help you navigate the EFAP website for informative online content 

3. Is the EFAP free for employees? 

The EFAP service is provided at no cost to the employee. However, if an employee accepts a referral to services outside the EFAP, they may be responsible for any associated costs. The EFAP consultant will work with the employee to find the most appropriate and cost-effective help to address their needs. 

Improving lives. Improving business.