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A transformational journey. LifeWorks becomes TELUS Health. Visit our About Us page to learn more.

Build a more resilient financial future for your employees while effectively managing costs, improving engagement, and driving productivity 

Financial wellbeing concerns causes high stress among 75% of employees – yet 78% of employers have no solution in place  

Personalized support when employees need it

Our user-focused app offers on-demand information, tools and services that each employee can use as part of an individual, guided journey with clear calls to action.  

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That journey: 

  • Addresses a continuum of needs 

  • Provides personalized, curated insights 

  • Offers proactive solutions to immediately improve their circumstances 

  • Leads to informed decisions that support better financial wellbeing

Better outcomes you can actually measure


myFinances is a portal through which both employees and companies can achieve better outcomes. This powerful solution can change lives – and we can prove it.  



Your employees’ collective score  


Total wellbeing index number in the market 


See how your teams’ financial wellbeing is improving  

Competitors fall short


Most competitive offerings are limited by:  

  • Costly seminars, hard to schedule, not scalable 

  • Under-used services, typically only at the point of crisis 

  • E-learning that doesn’t attract those in greatest need 

  • Lack of personalization  

  • Learning decay happens soon after typical training 

  • Retention rate drops by 80% after just 2 minutes   

  • Unclear ROI for employers 

Companies have a


after implementing an effective financial wellbeing solution.

Give your employees a powerful tool proven to help change financial wellbeing with myFinances
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Improving lives. Improving business.