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A transformational journey. LifeWorks becomes TELUS Health. Visit our About Us page to learn more.

We help companies contain costs, mitigate risks and operate efficiently – while engaging employees and helping them achieve financial wellbeing

Canada’s leading independent administrator for DC, CAP and savings consulting

Caring for unique organizational needs

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Each company has different goals, resources, and makeup. Our consultants work closely with each company to build, guide and monitor their plan, while ensuring employee programs are objective-driven.  

Widespread expertise in pension and savings

You name it, we can deliver:

  • A stand-alone DB to DC design – accumulation or decumulation 

  • Modelling and decision support tools 

  • Administrator evaluation and selection 

  • Investment beliefs, fund menu design, and manager search 

  • Member education and financial coaching 

  • Fiduciary education training 

  • Governance framework and policy support 

  • Continuous monitoring of all program elements 

  • Program efficiency studies 

  • Membership behaviour and adequacy studies 

  • Decumulation feasibility studies 

  • Workforce resiliency savings programs 

Industry-leading knowledge 

Our experts regularly contribute their thought leadership to industry publications.  

Unique insights-driven approach

Our holistic consulting approach solves each key issue in order for an organization to build the best programs:

  • Plan design and investment
  • Administration technology
  • Member engagement
  • Communications
  • Governance implications
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Case studies


Private sector companies have shown increasing interest in capital accumulation plans (CAPs) for a number of years and CAP assets under management continue to grow. 


Governance activities for capital accumulation plans (CAPs) continue to gain momentum and attention in Canada, especially given the notable increase in membership in these types of programs at the expense of defined benefit plan membership and as it has proven itself to be an area of increased focus by regulators. 


Improving lives. Improving business.